Welcome to Speak Out

A little bit about Speak Out: Facing Childhood Sexual Abuse:

Hello, and welcome to Speak Out: Facing Childhood Sexual Abuse.  It is here where I will share my personal experiences and story in an effort to help educate the community: parents, teachers, students.  From young adults to teens to adults education is important to prevent, and help Survivor’s of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

It is my hope to educate as many people as I can about preventing, and supporting these courageous Survivor’s.  I, myself, am a Survivor of incest and rape.  I have made great strides in the last seven years on my journey of healing.  This does not mean I am fully healed from my past, but I am here today to, as the title suggests, Speak Out about the abuse I have suffered and how I came to be at the point in my life that I am at today.

In the last year I have taken my message of hope and healing public.  I have spoken with several groups of young adults in order to educate them and share my story.  I want to break the stigma around the silence of childhood sexual abuse.  I will expand my education efforts, and continue to publicly speak out about my experiences and knowledge about surviving childhood sexual abuse.

I am not here to bog people down with statistics, but I am here to educate people on what it is like to take the journey from victim to survivor.  It is a long road of healing, and each week is different, but I want to share my experiences with you in  order to promote healthy healing.

This is not an easy journey for me to take, but it is one that I am meant to be on in order to help advocate for the Survivor’s who have not yet found their voice to Speak Out and truly begin to heal.

Speak Out is my journey of going public with my past, and breaking the stigma of the silence surrounding childhood sexual abuse.

This blog is for sharing experiences, healing, education and advocating for the one’s who have not yet found their voice.


1.  This is a tough subject, and can bring out many thoughts and feelings.  You must be respectful in the comments and replies.

2. It is 100% okay to share experiences, and stories in the comments, but do not name any names.  Respect people’s privacy.  DO NOT NAME ABUSERS, VICTIMS OR SURVIVORS.  Privacy on this blog is just as important as respect.

From Victim to Survivor to using my experience to advocate and educate to help other’s find their voice to break the stigma of the secret sexual abuse suffered by millions.